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Henan Xinlong Heavy Industry Technology Co. LTD

Henan Xinlong Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on sand aggregate, industrial grinding, solid waste treatment, mineral processing in the field of technology upgrading, equipment manufacturing and outsourcing engineering overall solution one-stop service provider. Since its establishment, uphold the enterprise philosophy of "committed to be your satisfied partner", from product research and development, production, quality inspection, machine testing, sales to after-sales service, with rigorous, realistic, scientific style to carefully create products and services to satisfy customers, customers throughout the country and the world, now has Zhengzhou, Xinxiang two R & D production base. Henan Xinlong Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., LTD. Management personnel have many years of production design qualifications and project implementation experience, the cognition of the industry has profound insights, the national industry has confidence and sense of mission. Because we know that the value of the machine is to let customers enjoy quality, enjoy efficiency, enjoy achievements, so the products of Xinlong Heavy Industry in absorbing the essence of international and domestic peers at the same time, more the pursuit of reliable, efficient, stable, to the highest to far.

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